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Flying Club Meeting

Seven members attended the March meeting.

Flying Club Meeting
March 2020
pecial Notice:
The Bluelick Flying Club meeting for April is moving to Saturday the 4th at 12 Noon.  Subsequent meetings will be the first Saturday of each month at 12 Noon.

A reminder to all Bluelick Pilots:  When the wind sock is straight out (winds from any direction near or above 15 mph) the airport is closed to all operations.

February 20
Tom announced that we may be receiving additional equipment from Standiford Field.  He has an appointment next week to look over what is available.
Tom has plans to have the trees on the north side of the runway at the western end of the airfield trimmed back.
At the meeting we discussed moving our monthly meetings to the first Saturday of each month.

January 20
A vote was taken to keep the same Club Officers for 2020.
Tom reported that the field is in good shape and the needed chores are being accomplished.
As planned earlier, the perimeter fencing is in need of inspection and some possible repairs.  This is planned for early spring, weather permitting.


December 19
Tom distributed new 2020 Bluelick Calendars.
A group effort got the Cummins 100KW 2/3 Phase Generator running.
The Sullyair "Sullyscrew 160" industrial air compressor is operational and painted John Deere Green.
The Exmark commercial 60" cut, zero turn mower is down with electrical trouble.

November 19
A new battery was put in the big (yellow) mower.  It still needs to be pressure washed and the oil changed before winter sets in.
We have been working on the generator we received from Standiford (SDF) for the past several weeks.  The engine finally rotates and the starter is now functioning.  There is still a stuck valve to repair, but we are making steady progress in getting the generator operational.

October 19
The Bluelick Airport is grateful for receiving several important and valued donations from SDF.  We received two zero turn mowers, one of which we used for parts.  In the near future we are in line to receive a street/runway sweeper and a scissor lift.  These gracious donations will help with the maintenance and safety at Bluelick.
The large yellow mower was down for a while due to a bad fuel valve.  With a mechanic's help, we are up and running.

ugust 19
Tom noted that the airfield is in good shape and the chores are getting done.  The weeds have been kept under control throughout the growing season.
The large yellow mower needs a new battery and a power steering leak fixed.
The fencing at the North East end of the field needs repair to the barbed wire at the top of the fence.
We have acquired a used Exmark commercial, 60" cut, zero turn mower from Standiford.  Tom put in slightly in less than $1,000 to get the mower operational.

July 19
Tom noted that the airfield is in good shape and the chores are getting done.
The large mower is operating again, however, needs repairs.  A new tire is needed for the bat wing mower deck and there is a hydraulic leak in the power steering.
Our fence & fence post project will be accomplished on a future Saturday, weather permitting.
We have a new load of gravel for filling potholes.  If you notice a rut or low spot that needs filling, please inform Tom.
The security camera at the North end of Hangar #2 was struck by lightning again.  A new camera has been ordered.
The club decided not to continue working on the Cessna 172.  Tom will make an offer to the owner to purchase the aircraft.  The aircraft needs a new firewall, seat rails and a Directional Gyro, all expensive items.

June 19
Tom remarked that the airfield is in good shape and the chores are getting done.
March 19
The flying club has two new members, Dylan Milby & Austin Steinmetz.
Tom reported that although the field is in good shape, the weather since the beginning of the year has not been conducive to aircraft operations.  Let's hope for better flying conditions in March.

February 19
Tom has an assortment of aircraft parts for sale.  Parts include: Wheel Pants, Wings, Ailerons, Doors, Struts, Spinners, Fuel Tanks, Wing Tips, a set of aircraft scales and much more.  Click here for photos.  If interested call 502-957-5159.
Tom mentioned we are still looking for an instructor for the Cessna 172.
We have a new member -- Lady -- Tom's new puppy. 

January 19
Due to the weather we are putting off the fence repairs until spring.
Tom noted that the airport is in good shape, the bills are paid and he is hoping the lawn equipment will make it another season.
Note to Members:  Don't jump the fence to enter the airport.  Our good neighbors are watching out for us and will call the police if they see suspicious activity.

December 18
Tom reported that the chores are getting done.
An update on the field maintenance equipment for 2019:
International Tractor (Red) was converted from a 6- to 12-volt system
Ford Tractor (Blue) ready to go
Kut Kwick Mower (Yellow) ready to go
John Deere Mower (Green) ready to go
Our Cessna 172 training aircraft is scheduled for a transponder check and secondary seat stop installation.  We are also looking for instructors.  If interested, contact Tom Jean.

November 18
Elections were held at the November meeting with the following results:
President: Charlie Ennis
Vice President: Chris Kinberger
Treasurer: Don Weidner
Membership: Tom Jean Sr.
Tom reported that the airport & runways are in good shape, the chores are getting done and all the tractors are running.
Tom plans to convert the red International tractor to a 12v system.

October 18
Due to the continuing heat wave, work on the perimeter fence is being put off until the November meeting.
We now have all the tractors and mechanical equipment used for airfield maintenance up and running.
The grass cutting and chores are getting done and the field is in good shape.
All the taxes associated with operating the airport are paid and up to date.

eptember 18
Due to the heat, the work detail on the perimeter fencing repairs for this month has been moved to the October 07 meeting date.
Work is complete on the yellow, blue and green tractors.  On the yellow tractor we replaced two large and expensive hydraulic hoses, replenished the lost fluid and replaced a fuel transfer switch.  The blue tractor received a distributor, coil, spark plugs & wires and a carburetor rebuild kit.  We had to weld the mower deck on the green tractor and Charlie Ennis donated and installed a new set of wheels for the deck.  Over $1000 was spent getting this equipment operational.

August 18
We had some major expenses recently associated with the big mower.  We have invested around $800 in the hydraulic system with parts, hoses & labor and more repairs are necessary.  As an alternate, we can utilize the small mower on the blue tractor.
Notice:  The September meeting will be a working meeting.  Weather permitting, we will be making repairs to the perimeter fence.  Bring gloves and wear appropriate footwear & clothing.

July 18
Notice: The September meeting will be a working meeting.  We will be examining the perimeter security fence.  Rusted posts and bad fencing will be replaced.  Remember to wear appropriate clothing.
Tom commented that the field is in good shape, operating normally, and the chores are getting done.
During operations on the field the blue tractor suffered a tire & tube failure.  It seems that a 13" tire/tube combination is hard to find.  We are working to find a local replacement solution.
June 18
Tom reported that the airport, runways and drainage are all good this past month.
The big tractor is still leaking hydraulic fluid.  Tom is having someone out this week to see about a repair.
We have a new member, David Allgeier.

May 18
Tom let everyone know that he is looking into purchasing insurance for the Cessna 172 when all work is completed.  When finished, qualified members can fly it, but must pay for gas and oil.
Tiedown fees have been announced for 2018 as follows:  Outside Tiedown $20 and Hangars $50 per month.  The Bluelick Flying Club Membership is $48 per year per person.  Make checks payable to Tom Jean.
Former member Jim Bendel donated a set of wooden ramps for the trailer.
The club is looking for new members.  If you are aware of potential members, send them our way.
April 18
No Meeting

March 18
With any luck and an improvement in the weather, we will strive to put on a ground school class in April.  Any student pilots interested in attending should contact Tom Jean at 957-5159.
Work is underway to get the airfield optimized for the 2018 flying season.  The runway was rolled Saturday & Sunday with another rolling planned next week, weather permitting.
We need help readying the lawn care equipment as most need lubrication & oil changes, blade sharpening and new batteries.  Come out any Saturday to help.

February 18
Tom noted that the airfield has been little used since December with the weather having a major adverse impact on the runway.  Everyone in the club is hoping the field will be dry enough to be used in the near future.

January 18
Tom commented that the field is in good shape, operating normally, and the chores are getting done.
December 17
Tom reported that the chores are getting done and the field is in good shape. We have started some winter time indoor projects, so come out on Saturdays to give us a hand.
The runway edge markers near the creek are up and painted.
In the near future Tom will order a load of gravel.

November 17
Work is continuing on Steve Milby's Cessna 172. The aircraft has been started and taxied several times.
Tom has his Cub in for its annual.

Tom said that all the chores are getting done and the airfield is in good shape. 
October 17

Tom remarked that the field and runway are in good shape. In the near future, the perimeter fencing will need some work as well as the ditches. There is also work to be finished on the west end fence over the creek.
Tom plans to notify several neighbors of large trees encroaching on both sides of the runway at the west side of the airport.
Work is progressing on the 1968 Cessna 172. Sitting unused all these years has taken a toll on many rubber components. Although slow, we are making headway. 
September 17
Repairs to the fence at the west end of the field have started and are about half way to completion.
During the month, the big mower suffered a broken hydraulic hose. The hose was replaced and the mower is up and running.
Member Larry Taylor purchased and donated 15 gallons of hydraulic fluid to the club for use in the big mower.
August 17
The field is in good shape, the chores around the field are getting done, the grass cut and weeds under control.
Last month we sharpened the blades and repaired a wheel on the big tractor. In the future we will be looking at overhauling the brakes on the blue tractor.
Tom reminded us again of the Air Force visiting Bluelick in September.
July 17
Tom noted that the field is in good shape. The grass is cut and weeds under control. We are looking for a better quality weed control agent. If you have any suggestions, give Tom a call.
Late last month the new posts were set over the west side creek. Shortly we will string the new fence.
On September 25th or rain date 26th, the Air Force will be landing MH-6 "Little Bird" (nicknamed the Killer Egg) light observation helicopters at Bluelick Airport as part of a navigation exercise.
June 17
Members discussed the upcoming nearby fly-in events and the hot topics of the day.
There is a fly-in breakfast at Elizabethtown Airport (EKX) on Saturday, June 10, from 0800-1100.
Mason Valley Airport (3KY3) fly-in breakfast is on the first Saturday of every month.
Lebanon-Springfield Airport (6I2) fly-in breakfast is on the third Saturday of every month.
Lee Bottom Flying Field (64I) starting June 11, Sinful Sundays - The time on Sunday is 1200-1500 or until the ice creams runs out.
May 17
Our next group project will be Saturday, May 13, 2017. We have a lot of grass to cut and that requires the big mower. To get this big machine in shape it has to be serviced, pressure washed and the blades sharpened. Come out to help.
Also on the horizon is the repair of the west fence over the creek. Tom has acquired some posts that will need some modifications to make them usable for our purpose.
Tom noted that all the chores on the field are getting done. Another project for later in the year will be to insulate the west hangar and install doors. Tom is also planning to contact the Louisville International Airport about procuring some surplus equipment.
March 17
The large tractor was started and moved in preparation for the 2017 cutting season. There are some leaky hoses to be replaced, blades to be sharpened and the whole vehicle given a good pressure wash.
Field conditions are also favorable for rolling. We are looking for volunteers for this task; contact Tom.
We haven't forgotten about the perimeter fence over the creek on the west end of the property. As soon as the weather warms, we will get this project going to replace this section.
Members of the flying club expressed interest in attending some fly-in breakfasts. Mason Valley is on the first Saturday of every month and on the third Saturday is Lebanon-Springfield. Let's hope the weather is favorable.
February 17
The perimeter fence over the creek on the west end of the property is ready to be replaced. As soon as the weather warms we will get the project going.
The large mower will needs to be pressured washed before its first use this spring. The small mower has been serviced and is ready to go.
There is a Cessna 172 (N5237F) on the field that been unused for several years. Tom has been in contact with the owner about restoring the aircraft back to flying condition. One option is to use this aircraft as a Bluelick trainer.
December 16
Tom noted that everything is going well on the airfield. All the chores are getting done and we have had no problems with our neighbors.
The repairing of the perimeter fence over the creek on the west end of the property has been modified. We will be setting two 4" posts in concrete. After the concrete sets, a fence will be strung between the two posts with adequate clearance above the water line.
November 16
Tom noted that the airfield was in good shape and all chores are being accomplished.
One major project to be undertaken will be the repair of the fence over the creek at the west end of the field. It will be accomplished in stages.
1. Remove the old fencing and support posts.
2. Install new corner posts and, if necessary, additional support posts.
3. Install fence with a top cable only (this will allow debris to pass through).
The lawn equipment needs to be prepared for winter storage. Work includes pressure washing, blade sharpening, oil change, lubrication and any necessary repairs.
There is some remaining weed killer. We plan one final application around the perimeter this season.
October 16
Tom let everyone know that John Beaman and Chris Kinberger donated funds to the club in September. These funds were used to purchase weed killer, gas & diesel fuel.
It was noted by Tom that the grass is being regularly cut and chores are getting done. Also, we still need to repair the fence at the west end of the field over the creek. This is needed to keep out animals.
We have enough diesel fuel on hand to make it to the end of the year.
Chapter 1042 of the Indiana EAA met at the airport on Tuesday the 27th.
September 16
The flying club has a project for the membership. In the upcoming months, we need to repair the fencing over the drainage ditch at the west end of the field. Tom's plan is to erect two fences -- one on either side of the ditch with a center opening of 6 to 8 feet.
Tom noted that the grass is getting cut regularly and the chores on the airfield are getting done.
The flying club will be contacting Louisville International Airport and the National Guard to find out about surplus grounds keeping equipment.
Dues of $48 are now being collected for 2017 memberships.
A new item was added to the Flying Club Home Page. Click on the Fun Places to Fly link if you are interested in exploring.
August 16
Tom laid out some upcoming projects: There are limbs on the West end of the airfield needing to be trimmed, the perimeter fence needs repairs in several places and the fence over the West ditch needs to be replaced.
The large tractor has been repaired as well as the large sprayer.
Members discussed ideas on increasing membership.
July 16
Tom reported that the chores on the field are getting done. In the next two months there are repairs that need to be performed on the perimeter fence. Weed killer has been applied to the field, but there some areas requiring further applications.
The big tractor is now repaired. There was a broken cable preventing the tractor to accelerate to speed.
We have a new member, Jim Bendel.
April 16
Tom reported the the field is in good shape are all chores are getting done.
Discussed at the meeting was a list of projects to be accomplished in the near future. Reworking the Bluelick sign at the end of the runway & Cross Ditch Markers and there are several small low spots that need to be filled. We also need to replace the hydraulic motor on the big tractor. ****************************************************************************************
February 16
Tom noted the we need weed killer.
During the past several weeks we have worked on the large tractor. Some of the hydraulic hoses were found to be loose and were tightened. This did not solve the problem. The next step is to replace the pump.
The blue tractor is running good.
We need to work on recruiting new members. There a plenty of vacant tiedown places.
January 16
The topic of new membership arose and ways to increase our visibility.
Work is progressing on the large tractor. Modifications were made on Saturday, but we think the hydraulic drive pump still needs to be replaced.
Tom has three aircraft for sale: 1946 Luscombe (N45851), 1956 Cessna 172 (N7101A) and 1974 Cessna 150 (N1615Q).
November 15
The normal business meeting was substituted for some needed security perimeter fence maintenance. The job consisted of placing new fence posts alongside ones that have deteriorated over time. Also, re-securing portions of the fence to their associated posts. The repairs were completed in about an hour. No one really broke a sweat.
Special thanks to those who attended! Although participation was not mandatory, it was greatly appreciated.
Tom noted that on October 27, EAA Chapter 1024 held their meeting at Bluelick Airport. President Larry Harmon and five EAA members attended. Guests stayed from 7-9 PM. The members discussed aircraft maintenance and flying. Chapter members toured the Bluelick facilities and asked Tom aircraft related questions.
October 15
At our next meeting on Sunday, November 1, we need volunteers to help in our fence repair project. Wear appropriate clothing and don't forget your gloves. The greater number of volunteers that show, the faster we get the job done.
Tom reported that everything is going good on the field.
Dues for 2016 are $48 and are now being accepted.
Tom still has three aircraft for sale.
The big mower is still in need of repair. It looks like an over the winter job.
The EAA Chapter out of Haps (Clark County Airport) will be meeting at Bluelick at 7 PM on October 27.
An aviation class of the Bullitt County School System will be utilizing the facilities at Bluelick several days during the month of October.
August 2015
Membership reported that dues from all members is up to date.
The field has been sprayed for weeds a third time. This should be good for the remainder of the year.
May 15
The field was mowed and sprayed for weed control.
The recently installed fence support posts still need to be attached to the fencing.
Tom reported he spent over $700 restoring the blue tractor.
Tom also reported he has 7 aircraft for sale.
March 15
Under old business President Ennis repeated the need to repair the perimeter fence, make improvements to the Bluelick Airport sign and to repair or find an inexpensive replacement for the rear end of the lawn tractor.
February 15
Tom reported the everything is going well on the field. As always there is work to be accomplished when the weather breaks. Due to the poor climatic conditions our projects have been mostly inside.
January 15
From Tom:
We need to work on the fence come spring.
The Bluelick field sign is in need of repair.
Everything is going well on the airfield and there have been no complaints.
Election Results:
President: Charlie Ennis
VP: Chris Kinberger
Secretary: Pat Adams
Treasurer: Don Weidner
December 14
Tom noted that the blue tractor needs to be taken apart. There is a loud clunking noise.
November 14
Tom has obtained 100 fence posts to use around the field perimeter. This should be sufficient for years to come. In the near future he will be asking for volunteers to install about a dozen posts.
We still need to be thinking of ways to increase our membership. Over the months there have been some inquiries about membership, but no new members.
All is fine on the field. Weeds were especially bad this year. We need to find a better solution for weed control.
Attending members discussed the need to increase revenues to ensure that the Flying Club is solvent for 2015. Several solutions were expressed, but no decisions were made at this time.
Dues of $48 are now payable for 2015.
September 14
The blades were sharpened on the large mower. The hydraulic fluid in the large mower is heating up and causing problems.
Our small blue tractor is out of service. There may be a problem with the rear axle or rear bearings.
Weeds have been a real problem this year. We need to purchase another container of weed control.
August 14
The annual weed and grass control agent has been applied the airfield perimeter and aircraft tie down areas.
The large tractor may need additional work on its hydraulic system.
Tom stated that all is ok on the field and there have been no complaints from our neighbors.
July 14
No official meeting held.
June 14
Due to reduced attendance at this meeting (probably because of the great weather) and a lack of an adequate dessert, it was decided to dispense with the normal feast prepared by Tom.
Members discussed the state of current projects (Luscomb & Ford Model T) and tax implications associated with the airfield and local governments.
The above information was reported by an unnamed source.
May 14
President Ennis reported that the seal in the hydraulic motor of the large mower was replaced and is working properly. Also, Some of the perimeter fence posts were replaced, but there are more to go.
Tom said he is looking for additional fence posts. The property was sprayed for weeds and that everything is going well on the field.
Members discussed the need for new members and that there may be insufficient funds to operated the field in the coming months.
March 14
Work is still pending on the hydraulic motor on the large tractor. The Ford Tom is restoring is ready to have exterior paint applied.
Tom noted that all is going well on the airfield and there have been no complaints. Tom suggested we look into some type of fund raiser. One suggestion was a rummage sale.
As soon as the weather warms we will gather a work crew to repair the airport perimeter fencing. Member Larry Mattingly has a few fence posts to replace some that are rusted. Be looking to volunteer for a work detail in the future.
Tom is looking into an FAA approved aircraft battery charger for purchase by the club.
February 14
Like in the previous months, the tractor is still in need of repair.
Tom noted that there have been no complaints lately and all is going well on the airfield. Due to the weather, there has been very little flying activity. Tom solicited ideas to stimulate interest and new membership in the flying club. One suggestion was to get an article in the Pioneer News.
There are sections of airport perimeter fencing in need of repair. Some areas will require new posts. A work detail will be assembled in the future.
January 14
The large tractor still has a leaking hydraulic system and still needs other work. Some of our time lately has been devoted to restoring the Ford & the Luscombe.
Tom noted that all is going well on the field with the exception of one neighbor dumping refuse on the airport property.
Tom also noted the lack of flying due to soft field conditions.
December 13
The large tractor is still leaking hydraulic and needs major work. Hopefully this can be done over the winter.
The collection of dues for 2014 is nearly complete.
Tom noted that all is well on the field, bills are paid up and needed work is being accomplished.
November 13
Three of the new rope tie down sets have been cut to length and are ready for installation. There is sufficient rope to make 10 additional sets.
Tom reported that everything is going well on the field. A previously troublesome neighbor has erected a 6 foot fence without a gate on her property to isolate her from the airfield property.
The EAA Chapter 1042 held a meeting at the Bluelick Airport. They discussed aircraft fabrics and engines. The group was appreciative of Tom's hospitality.
Work on the new hangar has slowed. The roof supports have been welded together and are ready to install. Construction will continue at a later date.
The club reimbursed Chris Kinberger for Domain Name and Web Hosting expenses.
October 13
Tom noted that new rope is available for tie down spaces.
Members listed the need of and ideas for a possible fundraiser in the spring of 2014. In the past a "Fly Day" has produced results. Tom suggested an article in the local paper should bring out many of the local populace for an aircraft ride. Members would provide their aircraft and talent as pilots to make this endeavor a success. Members calculated that around a $10 donation per person would be a sufficient fee for an unforgettable aircraft experience.
September 13
The leaky hydraulic motor on the large mower is an ongoing problem. The small mower's mower deck has been repaired and functioning like new.
From Tom; We recently added two new tie down spots and have renovated several others, it's an ongoing project. On the western part of the field one of the culverts is partially clogged with debris. Otherwise, everything is going well and there have been no complaints.
August 13
The hydraulic motor on the large mower is still leaking. We might wait until winter to fix this problem.
The Airport is in good condition. The airfield was sprayed for weeds this week.
Still may have a ground school if we can get at least five students.
June 13
We still need someone to come forward and assist in mowing the grass. Please contact Tom ASAP to help.
Tom noted that we have spent $437 on the mower. The hydraulic motor is still leaking and will probably need to be removed.
The field was sprayed for weeds last week.
We need ideas to bring pilots and aircraft to Bluelick.
May 13
The club welcomed a new member (Brandon Schulz) at the meeting.
The seals have been replaced on the large mower. It has a flat tire that is in the process of being repaired.
Tom needs members to volunteer to mow the airfield.
Members need to find ways to promote the airfield and activities of the flying club.
April 13
The large mower is in need of extensive hydraulic repairs. The remainder of the lawn equipment will need to be readied for the upcoming cutting season.
Tom's property was burgled recently. Click here for the story and video.
March 13
The club welcomed three guests (Deb Young, Michael Leamy and Hugh Dugan) at the meeting.
Tom mentioned that there will be some chores to be accomplished by the end of March or when the weather improves. He will be looking for volunteers in the near future.
As of late we have had no complaints from our neighbors around the airfield. Tom noted that he is having some difficulty with one of the homeowners laddering the perimeter fence. Tom is looking into a permanent solution.
We have several ongoing aviation projects. Members are welcomed and encouraged to come out on Saturdays to help.
Tom is working on getting walls and a roof on the new hangar. Progress is slow, but the hangar is taking shape. No firm date has been set for completion.
February 13
Tom asked members for ideas to rejuvenate interest and activities on the airfield. Ideas included a Raffle, Car Wash, Poke Run and recruiting new student pilots.
January 13
Tom remarked that all is well on the airfield. The grass has been cut the field is in good shape.
December 12
All members are reminded that membership dues for 2013 are now payable. The dues are the same as last year ($48).
Jim Greer was voted in as the new BluelickAero Vice President.
Members are requested to come out on Saturdays the help us complete the J-4 Cub project.
Tom remarked that not much is going on the field as far a flying activity, but overall everything is going great.
November 12
Nominations and Elections were held for our 2013 Board of Directors. It was by a unanimous vote of the members present to reelected the entire 2012 Board. Congratulations!
Tom stressed the importance of growing our club membership.
As cooler weather has set in the large mower will probably not be used until spring. It will need to be thoroughly cleaned and pressure washed soon. The mower also need to be serviced, either now or before the next mowing season. Motor oil and hydraulic fluid needs to be purchased. The hydraulic lines are aging, but will be replaced as needed.
October 12
Tom noted that the grass is getting mowed on the field, but we still need help cutting grass with the little mower. We also would like to see more members come out the assist with repairing the wings for the J-3 cub and other activities.
There have been several inquiries a week from student pilots about a ground school, but none have committed.
Flying activity has been low lately.
September 12
Tom repaired and painted the picnic tables as a donation to the club. Tom spent approximately $200.
The concrete slab for the new three bay hangar has been poured. No date for completion has been set.
The grass is getting mowed on the field, but we still need help cutting grass with the little mower.
August 12
Larry Mattingly was unable to get free wood for the picnic tables. We estimate the cost of replacing the tops and seats to be around $97.
From Tom:
Everything is going well at the airport.
We need to purchase additional weed killer to complete clean up operations on the airfield.
We still need additional helpers for operating the small mower. Volunteers should contact Tom.
There have been a few inquiries weekly about participating in a ground school, but no firm commitments.
Planning is underway to build a new three bay hangar.
Notice: Taxi guidelines have changed at Bowman Field. All taxi clearances need to be read back in full. You cannot cross a runway without a clearance. Click here for a copy of the Bowman Field Airport Diagram.
Notice: Starting October 01, 2012, the FAA MedXPress system requires anyone needing an FAA Medical Certificate or Student Pilot Medical Certificate to electronically complete the FAA Form 8500-8. Information entered into MedXPress will be transmitted to the FAA and will be available for your AME to review at the time of your medical examination.
July 12
Tom mentioned that our club membership is not growing as fast as it should. We need to look at ways to promote our club and increase our membership. We are open for suggestions from the members. Suggestions can be emailed or, better yet, come to the next meeting.
Tom also remarked that everything is getting done on the airfield. The grass is getting cut & weeds sprayed and he has found two volunteers to assist in grass mowing.
The membership approved spending up to $200 to rebuild two picnic tables.
At this month's meeting the membership approved a new member, Matthew Higdon. Another new member initiated earlier is Brennan Callan. We welcome both of you to the Bluelick Flying Club!
June 12
Tom reported that the airfield is in good shape and well kept. He also noted there has been very little fling activity lately.
During the meeting a question arose about whether we will have a picnic in September. If you have an opinion or suggestions, please come to the next meeting or contact Tom with your input.
President Charlie Ennis brought up the idea of a group of Bluelick pilots participating in flying out to lunch at the Columbia Airport in Adair County. A buffet lunch is served between 12-2 PM on the 4th Saturday of each month at a nearby restaurant. If you have an opinion or suggestions, please let your feelings on the idea be known.
At this month's meeting we were introduced to a new member, Adam Fultineer. Welcome to the Bluelick Flying Club!
May 12
Tom is looking for members to volunteer to cut grass at the airfield. This chore would only entail around 2 hours of operating grass cutting equipment per week. Please contact Tom ASAP as volunteers are needed now.
For SDF, Bluelick can operate as a reliever airport for small aircraft. Tom remarked about the equipment we received from the Louisville International airport and how it can be put to good use. Although, we didn't receive all the equipment we needed we did receive some power equipment and tools that will help in maintaining the airfield. We are thankful for their cooperation.
Now is the time to make your voice heard - An exemption request filed by EAA and AOPA pertaining to third-class medical certificates has been officially posted by the federal government, making it possible for the public to submit comments on the proposal. Public comments are currently accepted online. AOPA and EAA have issued a guide to assist aviators when making their comments on the exemption.
The request, "Petition of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association and Experimental Aircraft Association for an exemption from 14 CFR Part 61," is available at under Docket FAA-2012-0350
(enter FAA-2012-0350-0001 in the search box). The request, if granted, stands to increase the level of safety and significantly reduce a substantial economic and regulatory burden for pilots who fly recreationally.
April 12
Tom reported getting some field maintenance equipment from (SDF) Louisville International Airport, 2 mowers and assorted power equipment.
Danny Downs donated a bottle of homemade maple syrup for a door prize.
Next Saturday (04/07/12), we will begin working on Danny's J-4 wing restoration. We could use some help.
To keep the airfield in working order we could use some more volunteers with mowing and weed killing.
President Ennis did a masterful job conducting the meeting alone. Treasurer Don Weidner is in Africa and Secretary Pat Adams is recovering from a Florida vacation.
March 12
It was reported by Tom that everything is going well as far as operations on the airfield are concerned.
Tom has instructed his attorney to file suit against the neighbor that is throwing trash on the airfield. He is reluctant to take this action, but feels he has exhausted other remedies to correct this situation.
The remainder of the trees on the West end of the runway were removed for safety. This will be a area we need to keep clean on a regular basis.
There was insufficient interest to start a ground school at this time. The ideal time would have been the winter months. The club is dedicated to safety and is willing to assist members with their training at any time.
Members are encouraged to come out on Saturdays to help out. We are currently working on several projects and the more helpers we have the more we can get done. Also, there are several aircraft that are due annual inspections this month. Come out and give us a hand.
February 12
Members are reminded to pay their dues. Dues are a mere $48 per year. Come out to the airport and get involved.
The meeting this month was attended by Bill McCormick. He expressed interest in joining the flying club. Bill is working toward his private pilot license.
Tom invites all members to participate in helping out around the airport on Saturdays. We are currently working putting new fabric on Danny's J-3 Cub. Plus, there are several aircraft with inspections due shortly. Just show up, we'll find a way for you to help out. Also, as the weather improves there is a need to replace worn out fence posts on the airfield perimeter.
It looks like Tom has to bring legal suit against the neighbor dumping trash on the field. This has been a long time ongoing problem that will be resolved.
The hoped for Private Pilot Ground School is still in limbo. There are a few students who have shown interest, but to date not enough to get started.
January 12
A decision needs to be made soon on the feasibility of holding a ground school. We need at least 10 participants, but to date we have only 2 or 3 that have shown interest.
Tom is still having problems with one neighbor on the west end of the field. He will be consulting with an attorney soon.
Member Joseph Tapay notified the club that the URL for the Bluelickaero web site ( was paid for 2011 and 2012.
December 11
A reminder to all Bluelick members that the 2012 dues are now payable. Dues are $48.
President Ennis reported that the big mower was washed and greased recently. The tractor is also due some new batteries. We will try to get another year out of them.
Tom mentioned that he hosted a meeting of the Clarksville EAA on Tuesday, 11/29, and it went well.
Interest in the ground school has been slow to take hold. Tom is hopeful that interest will pick up in December and January.
October 11
Tom reported the the fence posts are up, but they still need to be wired in place. This should take care of the fencing until next year. There will be more posts needing replacement then. Tom also noted that everything is going well on the field.
Bluelick Aero till try to put together a free ground school over the coming winter months. There will be a posting on Craig's List as well as our Bluelick Aero web page.
The 2012 Bluelick Aero Dues will remain the same as last year at $4 per month ($48 per year). The Treasurer will be accepting your dues payment at the next meeting.
Notice: a member reported that the Elizabethtown Airport (EKX) will be closed for up to 30 days. E-Town News
September 11
Tom emphasized the importance of following the new procedure for completing the pilot and aircraft information on the exterior bulletin board before each flight. This will enable us to know the whereabouts of aircraft that have departed from BlueLick and their estimated return time. Safety should be our number one concern.
We have another work detail scheduled for Saturday, September 10th, around 9 AM. Tom needs 8 to 10 members to help him repair fence posts along the perimeter of the field. Rusted posts will be replaced while other posts need only to be driven back down. This should put the fencing in good shape for another year.
Tom related a story about flight safety and aircraft familiarization. The story goes like this. A pilot had flown many aircraft in his day. But today he went flying in an aircraft he had not flown in some time. On approach to landing the pilot pulled the fuel mixture control out instead of the carburetor heat control. The pilot, being very low in altitude, prepared for an emergency landing. While running through the aircraft emergency procedures the pilot rechecked his settings, in the process returning the mixture to the full rich position. The engine restarted and the pilot landed without further incident. There could have been several endings; you decide. Continue with the off field landing or climb to an altitude suitable to make the airfield. The moral: keep familiar with the aircraft you fly and stay current on emergency procedures. Most accidents are not caused by one mistake, but a series of unsound judgments.
Bluelick Aero has three new members: Danny Downs, Troy Goin and Ross Learner.
August 11
The Board and Tom thanked everyone for the good turnout and fine work performed on the airfield on Saturday, July 9.
Tom submitted a copy of the letter to the Bluelick Secretary that was sent to the troublesome neighbor.
The Board and members present decided that the event at Jack Chandra's home on Sunday, July 31 would be counted as an official substitute for this years Annual Picnic. All that attended had a great time.
NOTICE: New Procedure - Manditory
All pilots are required to place the following information on the exterior bulletin board prior the every flight.
Pilot's Name, Aircraft Number, Time of Departure, Estimated Time of Return, Destinations, Home and/or Cell Phone Numbers and any applicable Remarks. Pilots failing to comply will be banned from the field.
July 11
Tom thinks that everything on the field is going well, but there are a few things that need to be taken care of. We need volunteers to come out next Saturday (July 9). For early arrivals (7:30 AM) you can get breakfast. On the west end of the airfield we need to pick up the limbs from a tree recently cut down, pick up some garbage and help repair the perimeter fence. If we get enough help to show up (6 to 10 people) it shouldn't take over a couple of hours.
Tom also noted a problem with a troublesome neighbor. This person has been throwing limbs and garbage over the fence and onto the airfield for some time. Tom had his attorney write a letter asking the individual to stay off the field.
The membership voted to reimburse Tom for the monies spent on tree and limb removal on the airfield.
June 11
Tom indicated that we still need additional volunteers to assist with field maintenance and mowing. Another upcoming project where volunteers will be needed is in the placement of rock in the creek bed. Otherwise, thing are going fine.
There are aircraft that could be available fro rent on the airfield. Individuals would have to come up around $2,500 for liability coverage plus renters insurance. 
May 11
Tom is asking for volunteers to help mow the airfield. Interested members can come by Wednesday or Saturday for orientation and safety training, after that they can operate the mower on any day as their availability and conditions dictate.
We are looking to increase our membership. We are open for suggestions. Suggestions can be emailed or better yet come to the next meeting.
A member noted that avgas at Bowman id $5.99 a gallon. In the future mogas may be available.
March 11
Tom noted that the airfield is in good shape. For the most part of February conditions on the field have been wet and windy. Tom stressed the the field is closed when wind speed is 15 knots or greater.
Be on the lookout for animals on the field. There have been several occurrences of a neighbors dog running loose. Tom has spoken with the individual about the situation.
Members need to be thing about activities for the up coming year. Suggestions included a EAA Chapter or including light sport.
January 11
Tom Jean reported that everything on the airfield is going quite well. The runway is usable, but stay out of the fresh dirt. As in the past, Tom asked us to be thinking of ways to stimulate membership, increase attendance and make the club better for everyone.
President Charlie Ennis suggested the membership turn out on Saturdays to assist with some of our ongoing projects. We have several aircraft hangared that are in various stages of restoration, including a recently arrived Cessna 180. Come out and get involved.
December 10
The membership voted to accept two new members. Arthur Amos & Dequan Blincoe, welcome to the Bluelick Flying Club. This brings our 2010 paid membership to 28. 
Tom noted that all is quite on the airfield and there are no problems. Tom suggested we should be thinking of ways to increase membership, bring in new students and have activities of interest of our current members.
If you haven't paid you 2001 dues you still have time. Dues are $48 and should be paid in full by the next meeting.
November 10
The membership voted to accept a new member. Earl D. Johnson is now the newest member of the Bluelick Flying Club. Welcome Aboard! This brings our 2010 paid membership to 26. 
Tom noted that the field still needs some more dirt. Due to the unavailability of a backhoe, this project may not finish until spring. Also, until the grass comes up through the newly laid top fill, please do not utilize that portion of the runway surface.
For safety concerns, the airport is considered closed if wind speed is 15 knots or greater. The By-Laws will be updated to reflect this safety precaution.
A reminder that there is a Cessna 150 for rent on the airfield.
A motion was approved and voted on to accept Charlie Ennis as President for 2011. The current remaining Board Members will retain their current positions for the upcoming year.  
October 10
Due to the October picnic no meeting was conducted.
September 10
The membership voted to accept a new member. John Beaman of Crestwood, KY is now the newest member of the Bluelick Flying Club. Welcome Aboard! This brings our 2010 paid membership to 25. 
The Annual Bluelick Family Picnic will take place at the October 03, meeting. Bring the whole family. That includes wives, children, friends and/or significant others. A food contribution by each member will be needed to help make this annual picnic a success.
Tom is still looking for a contractor (at a reasonable cost) to spread the dirt on the crown of the airfield.
August 10
The meeting was short & sweet. No old or new business. Let's eat!
July 10
The meeting started with a question. Why do we have our meetings on holidays? Answer: It was decided around 15 years ago not the change the meeting date from the first Sunday of each month, because of confusion. When the date was change attendance dropped. There was always confusion about the actual date. By setting the dates in concrete members knew exactly when the meetings would be held.
Tom stated the everything on the field is fine and that a contractor would be out soon to spread the dirt mounds.
At present there is no student activity associated with the Cessna 150.
June 10
Tom announced that the next project is to level the runway and fill any low spots. He has the fill dirt on hand and is rounding up some heavy machinery for the job. Completion time frame is around September. The club voted to pay for grass seed and fertilizer. Help from the membership will be required.
Tom has come into possession of a pool table, dart board and card table. He is looking for volunteers to turn the front room into a game room for the members.
For anyone concerned, Tom's light sport instruction at Bluelick is pending. He is awaiting a final word from the FAA.
March 10
Tom stated that everything is going well on the airport. The runway is in a usable condition since drying out after the recent snows. He recommends we get out and use it.
When the weather warms a little more we need to start spring maintenance on the big tractor.
Treasurer Don Weidner reported we are up to date on dues collections for 2010.
Members were reminded again the get the new plastic pilot certificates.
February 10
Members were reminded that paper copies of your pilot certificate need to be replace with the new plastic version by April 1.
January 10
Tom asked for ideas from the members to increase membership in 2010. Ideas included: attract aircraft owners from nearby airports to relocate to Bluelick Airport; notify aircraft owners that reasonable priced annual inspections are available; inform pilots that flight instruction is available; place an ad in a local paper or on Craig's List to attract owners or pilots to us.
There many advantages to Bluelick: location, aircraft services and annual inspections, flight instruction and airplane rides. And, most importantly, we have a group of aviation enthusiasts to speak to, to congregate with and get information from.
December 09
Membership dues are $48 and are now payable.
November 09
Our treasurer reported that last month we spent around $250. Most of the expense was for oil and hydraulic hoses for the large mower.
A motion was approved to keep the current 2009 Bluelick Flying Club Board of Directors for 2010. They were thanked for the outstanding job they have done to date.
Notice to all members: The next membership meeting will be held the second Sunday of the month, December 13, 2009. The Hangar will be in use the first Sunday of the month.
Tom stated that all is well at the field. He also asked for suggestions or any novel ideas for boosting membership. A lively discussion was started, but no immediate solutions came to light. Keep your thinking caps on!
Joseph mentioned he does not currently have anyone lined up to speak at any of our future meetings.
October 09
The membership voted to accept a new member. Russell Tony Coates of Louisville, KY is now the newest member of the Bluelick Flying Club. Welcome Aboard! This brings our 2009 membership to 25.
Tom remarked that all is going well on the field and he congratulated the members for their participation during the year.
He also noted that the mower will be needing some maintenance in the near future.
September 09
The membership voted to accept a new member. Russell Ray of Coxs Creek, KY is now the newest member of the Bluelick Flying Club. Welcome Aboard! This brings our 2009 membership to 24.
Past President Joseph Tapay was volunteered by a unanimous vote to search for outside speakers at all future meetings. Joseph was elected to this high post after making the mistake of asking a question.
Tom noted that everything is going great on the field. The new hangar is nearing completion. The doors have been erected & insulated and the electrical is next to be installed.
The next (October) meeting is the annual "Family included" meeting. Bring the whole family. That includes wives, children, friends and/or significant others. A food contribution by each member would be a nice gesture.
August 09
Tom stated that everything is going ok on the field. In the near future the large mower will be needing new hydraulic hoses and a fuel hose and there is a hydraulic leak that needs to be repaired. Also, the small mower's check engine light is on so repairs may be imminent on that piece of equipment.
No action to date was taken on the purchase on a surge protector or the fence signage.
July 09
Joseph informed members that internet access is operational again. The replacement of an Ethernet card solved the connection problem. A power surge may have caused the fault. A motion was passed to purchase surge protection for the computer.
Tom updated us on the on going fence problem. Tom's attorney notified the property occupant on the State and Federal Laws concerning airport security. The property occupant did install a fence that may meet the minimum standard. We also need to reinstall some signage around the property with the notification that this is a secure/restricted area, authorized persons only, trespassing prohibited.
Tom said that everything on the airport is going good.
June 09
It looks like the ongoing problem with the fence on the NW part of the field is not going away. Tom is researching possible remedies concerning the fence and property line dispute.
The pressure hose on the "sprayer" was replaced but a hydraulic hose on the "large" mower now needs to be replaced as it is leaking.
May 09
The club made an effort to bring back some of the previous membership that had drifted away in recent years. An email was sent to 100 past members. Of the 100 emails sent 40 were returned as undeliverable. We had only one reply and they declined our offer.
Tom may be looking for volunteers to erect a short section of chain link fence. On the northwest end of the field the owner/occupant of one of the adjacent properties tore down a section of field perimeter fencing that had been in place for 45 years. It's a long story, but the short of it is that Tom is writing her a letter stating we will erect a new section if left alone by the person/persons who removed the fence.
All the field chores are getting done. The property has been sprayed for weeds and should not need another application until summer. All aircraft inspections are up to date. 
April 09
A motion was made at the meeting to extend a welcome to former members that for whatever reason have left the flying club. Web Editor Chris Kinberger will send out an email offering dues amnesty to former members. In the interim, membership rolls will be purged of non paid members.
The club has a new coffeepot. It is on semi-permanent loan from someone.
The tractor is up and running and the spray pump replaced. We are preparing to spray the ditches and fence lines to prevent overgrowth.
Tom asked for suggestions for club activities.
March 09
Tom notified everyone that there will be a seminar on Severe Weather Spotting put on by NOAA's National Weather Service at the Zoneton Fire Station on Wednesday, March 18, 2009, 7:00 PM. Bring the wife; knowledge of the weather is important for everyone.
The Bluelick Airfield Weather Station is operational again.
The members voted to spend up to $100 for a new coffee maker.
Tom said he is willing to teach (with help) a ground school for student pilots if we can get a minimum of 6-8 interested individuals to participate.
Tom strongly suggested to the membership that pilots stay current. To promote safety Tom recommends each pilot club member have a goal of receiving at least one hour of flight time under the hood every year. Instructors Larry Taylor & Chris Kinberger volunteered to act as Safety Pilots for this skill refresher for club members.
February 09
Meeting cancelled due to inclement weather.
January 09
Tom thanked everyone for a good 2008 and stated that all the chores around the field are getting done.
In an effort to increase airfield activity and club membership, two suggestions were made:
The first is to offer a free ground school lasting 10 weeks, one night a week. Instructors would be required to volunteer their time to assist. Although the ground school would be at no charge, students would have to purchase the necessary books, E6B flight computer, and accessories as needed with an estimated cost of around $100. A motion was passed to research the advertising costs associated with getting the word out about the ground school.
Secondly, efforts should be made to support light sport instruction. Tom will look into the insurance aspects to determine feasibility.
Notice: The National Weather Service is having a presentation on "Severe Weather," January 27, 6:30 PM at the Zoneton Fire Station #1 on Preston Hwy.
December 08
Membership dues for 2009 are now payable. They remain the same at $48 per year. Make your check payable the the "Bluelick Flying Club." Dues can be mailed to treasurer Don Weidner or brought to the January 04, 2009. meeting.
Tom notified all members that they must possess a "Bluelick Flying Club Membership Card" while on the field after dark. The area has a new Police Chief and the air field will be patrolled often. Those found on the field after dark without proper ID will be arrested and incarcerated. If you are a member and don't have a card, see Tom.
Chores on the field are getting done and everything is going well.
The membership needs to come up with ways to boost membership and have creative ideas for activities members will have an interest in. There is a direct correlation between the amount and quality of activities and the number of members.
November 08
Tom stated that everything is going well on the field and that the new hangar construction is proceeding on schedule.
The Club needs to order belts for the tractor and weed killer for the field.
Nominations for the 2009 Bluelick Flying Club Board were Bob Maynard, President; George Baumler, Vice President; Don Wiedner, Treasurer; Pat Adams, Secretary and Tom Jean as Membership Chairperson. New officers will assume their elected positions effective with the first meeting in January 2009 as provided in the BL Flying Club By-Laws.
Due to a scheduling conflict the December 2008 membership meeting is moving to the Second Sunday in the month. Mark your calendars for 12/14/008. The meeting starts promptly at 2PM.
October 08
The Annual Picnic had a turnout of around 25 individuals on this beautiful October afternoon. Chef George Baumler and helpers put on a fine feast of baked chicken. Members provided ample and delicious desserts and side dishes to round out the meal.
At the short meeting before the picnic Tom stated that he is well satisfied with the way the field is being maintained and thanked everyone for their hard work.
Tom indicated he needs volunteers to come out on Saturdays to assist in completing the new hangar.
September 08
We were honored to have as our guest speaker Mr. William S. Knight. As a Cobra helicopter pilot in Vietnam, Mr. Knight recounted his aviation combat experiences and gave a brief outline of his tour of duty memories starting from flight school to his final days in Southeast Asia.
The meal this month was pizza prepared by George Baumler. President Tapay helped, but the meal turned out fine anyway. The meal was enjoyed by fourteen members and one guest.
Next month we celebrate with our annual picnic (Sunday, 10/05/08). This will be a pot luck affair. The club will provide the main course & beverages while side dishes, salads and desserts will be furnished by attending club members. Last year we had an attendance of around 40 individuals so plan on bringing an ample serving to share with your fellow flying club members, families and guests.
Tom will start construction soon on a new 26' x 66' hangar. Before construction begins, Tom will need volunteers to help disassemble another structure he will use in the construction of the new hangar. Notifications will be emailed out with dates, times, location and number of volunteers needed.
A reminder that the Clark County EAA Chapter 1042 will meet at our Bluelick facility on September 27. We will need some volunteers to help during this event.
Tom accepted a gift of concrete chunks to line the north side ditch. Although no time table has been set to arrange these along the creek walls, it may occur in the fall or early spring.
As far as field operations go, Tom stated that everything is fine and there have been no complaints. Tom wants members to come out and enjoy the airport.
Lee Bottom Flying Field: Wood, Fabric & Tailwheels Fly-In: September 27, 2008 -
Rough River Airport: September 26-28, 2008 - Canard Fly-In - -
Capitol City Airport: 9th Annual Aviation Days, activities from
6:00 Ė 9:30 p.m. Friday, September 12, and
9:00 a.m. Ė 3:00 p.m. Saturday, September 13, 2008 -
August 08
Our Master Chef, George Baumler, prepared Reuben sandwiches for lunch. We're moving up in the culinary world. Who knows what to expect next month.
President Joseph Tapay informed the 12 members in attendance that we will have a guest speaker at next month's meeting. We welcome William Knight. Mr. Knight flew the Cobra during the Vietnam conflict. I am sure he has many interesting stories to share with the membership.
The president reiterated that the annual Bluelick picnic will be held in October. Tom announced that the Clark County EAA Chapter 1042 will meet at our Bluelick facility on September 27. We may need some volunteers to help during this event. Tom tentatively plans to build a new hangar. The structure will house two small aircraft. It will be located near the center of the airport on the south side.
July 08
Don Weidner and partners are looking for another individual wanting to participate in a 1/5 share of their 1958 Cessna 172 (N6221E).
 The July meeting was attended by 9 members.
 Tom made a point that there needs to be more membership activities within the club. If you have fresh ideas or suggestions please contact him. Tom will relay your input to the membership. Tom stated that the field is in excellent shape and all the chores are being performed to a high standard. During recent use the large mower suffered a breakdown. The female spline from the PTO is stripped and needs to be replaced. We also need to order a spare belt for the vehicle.
George Braumler prepared a fine meal consisting of barbeque sandwiches, beans and potato salad. Ice cold watermelon was served for dessert.

June 08
Tom thanked everyone who volunteered with placing the rock in the creek bed. Tom doesn't see a need for more erosion control for the near future. The field is in good shape and the chores are getting done. The prospect for rental aircraft on the field is nil. Fuel, insurance & instruction are making the venture prohibitive.
Attendance at this meeting was 12 members. We have a total of 33 members as of June 01.
If you have any meal suggestions for the next meeting, send them to and they will be forwarded to Chef Baumler.
Tom is looking into having a combination Fly-Out/Meeting in the future.
We are still looking for suggestions on increasing member participation and for interesting activities, meeting programs and/or speakers.
May 08 Mark your calendar for May 17, 8:30 AM. Tom has requested a good turnout of able bodied members to complete an important task we started last year. You guessed has something to do with rocks. Everyone should arrive at the airfield with some good gloves and waterproof boots. We will complete lining the creek bank with the remaining rocks. If we have sufficient help it should take no longer than a couple of hours. The fun starts at 0830 so arrive a little early to make sure you don't miss any of the fun. Tom promised fish for lunch, either catfish or crappie. Either one will be delicious. See you there.
It seems the day care is on hold. Further information will be available as events unfold in the future.
Tom is pleased with the daily field operations. All the needed work is getting done and the field is in good shape.
We are still looking for suggestions on increasing member participation and for interesting meeting programs and/or speakers.
April 08
The TV proposed from the March meeting has been purchased.  Tom mentioned that we need to purchase a spare belt for the mower. Also, the field needs weed killer applied and the surface rolled soon.
At the last meeting the town board tabled the vote on the proposed day care center. A meeting for 04/10/08 is scheduled to vote on the proposal.
We still need ideas to increase club participation.  
March 08
Tom has asked for increased participation from the membership. Not necessarily for field maintenance, but all club activities.
The rocks along the drainage ditch needs to be spread to prevent runoff. Volunteers are needed.
Tom confirmed there a two IA's on the field.
There is a meeting scheduled for March 13 for a proposed Day Care Center to be erected near the end of the runway. Members are requested to attend the meeting to oppose any construction that would impede the approach or access to the airfield. There are many legal complexities needed to be resolved, but the most important is a safe approach to Bluelick.
A motion was proposed and carried to purchase a TV for the club. It's primary purpose is to monitor hazardous weather in the area.
February 07
The board accepted two members in to the club today. New member John Hovell and returning member Thomas Tyler. Welcome Aboard!
Tom and Charlie are IA's. Tom explained there will be some operation and procedural changes concerning the hangar usage and operations in the shop. He will be operating under a more stringent set of rules and requirements. Nothing drastic, but there will be changes in fees, payments, and general finances. Tom is working on putting it all in writing.
Tom said that chores and duties on the field are going well and he had no complaints. He did mention however that the club needs to be working on developing new activities for the membership and needs to find ways to attract new members.
A big thanks to George for making his delicious home made Chile. If you missed the meeting, you missed some very good food.
Members are reminded that their membership dues for 2008 should be sent in without delay. Dues of $48 remain the same as last year. Make your check payable to Bluelick Flying Club and mail to Treasurer Don Weidner.
We are pleased to announce that at the next meeting Bruce Edsten with the FAA will be our guest speaker. At this time we do not know the subject matter, but knowing Bruce it will be worth everyone's effort to be at the next Bluelick meeting to view his presentation.
January 08
Members are requested to make every effort to get their dues paid. The 2008 dues are the same as last year ($48). Please mail your dues ASAP to Treasurer Don Weidner.
Tom had several items of interest for the membership this month. First, the rock we placed in the drainage ditches is performing well, and the remaining rock will be dispersed as the weather warms in the spring.
Since the absence of aircraft rental on the field, club participation has decreased. To counter this trend members need to show some initiative. We need to come up with new ideas, programs and/or projects to stimulate interest and participation in the club. One starter solution that would interest most everyone is having a guest speaker at meetings. Although aviation topics are preferred, we are open for suggestions. Anyone with constructive ideas or solutions should contact President Joseph Tapay with your beneficial and creative suggestions.
During the meeting Tom hinted that there is a slim possibility that aircraft rental may be available by late spring.
On airport operations, Tom reported that all needed chores are being performed and thanked those responsible for their efforts. Tom also mentioned that to date, almost without exception we have a good working relationship with the neighbors around the airfield.
Plan to be at Bluelick on February 03, 2008. At this meeting George Baumler will be preparing his world famous chili. Side dishes, desserts or salads are always welcome.
December 07
Members are reminded that their membership dues for 2008 should be sent in without delay. Dues of $48 remain the same as last year. Make your check payable to Bluelick Flying Club and mail to Treasurer Don Weidner.
Tom thanked everyone for placing stones in the drainage ditch. This will help control erosion. There is still work to be done, but we can wait for warmer weather.  
Tom announced that effective immediately aircraft owners must have proof of liability insurance on file with Tom before performing any aircraft operations, including flights to or from the field. There are no exceptions to this policy.The club is looking for suggestions for programs at the monthly meetings. In the past we have had speakers and representatives from the FAA. This would be a great opportunity to learn new skills or increase our knowledge of flying. Give Tom a call with your suggestions.
Member Larry Taylor has a new web site, Kentucky Aviators. Larry conducts IFR & VFR flight instruction in a Cessna 175 and Cherokee 140. He also rents aircraft, gives plane rides and conducts aerial photography.
November 07
The 2008 Elections were held at this meeting. The 2007 Officers were reelected in a land slide with the following results:
President: Joseph Tapay - VP: George Baumler
Secretary: Bob Maynard - Treasurer: Don Weidner - Membership: Tom Jean
Tom thanked the members who showed up on October 13 for helping move rock to remedy a drainage problem at the west end of the runway. Tom is pleased that all the needed work around the field is being accomplished.
Although some preliminary work was performed on the drainage, Tom has received another quantity of rock that needs to be hand placed into position to prevent further water erosion. If enough members show up to help, the work can be completed in several hours. The membership voted to lay this rock at 10 AM Sunday morning, November 11. All able bodied members are urged to participate.
President Tapay informed the members who were unaware that funds collected from donated door prizes are used to purchase food for the meetings and special events.
Parts for the pressure washer were obtained and installed. We also have an additional nozzle to use with the washer.
It was brought to the members attention the Precision Airmotive LLC (makers of aviation float carburetors) is ceasing production.
October 07
The Annual Picnic had a turnout of around forty individuals on this beautiful October afternoon. Chef George Baumler and his helpers put on a fine feast of barbeque and chicken fingers. Members provided ample and delicious desserts and side dishes to round out the meal.
After the meal, guests were treated to airplane rides. Some had never flown. Great family enjoyment for all.
As far as the meeting, Tom asked for volunteers to come out next Saturday, 10/13, and Sunday, 10/14, to help remedy a badly needed drainage problem. We will need 8 or more healthy members each day to complete the task.
Otherwise, Tom is well satisfied with the way the field is being maintained and thanked everyone for their hard work.
September 07
Tom remarked that all chores around the field are getting done and that everything is going well. He noted that one of the hoses on the mower had broken and that oil needed to be purchased to replenish the amount that leaked.
Pat Adams prepared the meal this month. Pat stated that he and George Baumler would be co-chefs in preparing the feast for the annual "Family Day" get together next month (10/07/2007). It was decided that the club would furnish the main course, and side dishes and desserts would be furnished by attending club members.
E.A.A. Rough River Fly-In - September 7-9, 2007
Lee Bottom Flying Field "Wood, Fabric, & Tail Wheels Fly-In " - September 29.
August 07
For his distinguished service to the club, Bob Maynard was designated "Volunteer of the Month." Bob keeps the grass neatly cut on the field. Although President Tapay would have liked to have awarded a substantial prize, Bob had to settle for a round of applause from the attending club members.
Tom said that everything on the field is going great. He is officially out of the plane rental business. The 182 project is progressing at a good rate and work on the Ercoupe is coming along. Tom reminds all members they are welcome to use the facilities at Bluelick at any time. When doing so, members are responsible for the actions of their guests.
"Family Day" at Bluelick will be here 10/07/2007. Members should contact President Tapay with suggestions for increasing attendance at this annual event. Members are encouraged to invite family (including children), friends and acquaintances to our annual family day event.
July 07
The club is the proud owner of a new Troy-Built pressure washer. The used/new washer, which required some parts and repairs, was purchased for around $175. The washer produces 3,000 psi and works well.
Notice to all members: The Louisville FSS that was stationed at Bowman Field is permanently closed.
Pat Adams prepared a delicious meal for the meeting today and has volunteered to cook again at the August meeting. Although not decided, we may be having bean soup.
Tom stated that everything is running well at the airfield. The chores are getting done, the grass cut, and the tomatoes are growing.
If you want to get out of the house for some enjoyment, go to the Springfield airport. On July 6, 7 & 8 they are having the Kentucky Jets Festival.
Lee Bottom Flying Field is featuring "SINFUL SUNDAYS" on July 8 and August 10, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM. Join them for a 'sinful' dessert. There might be Hot Fudge Sundaes, Shakes, Sodas, or whatever else strikes their fancy.
June 07
Although Pat Adams was going to prepare the meal for the June meeting, he wasn't able to attend. In his place was master chef George Baumler. George prepared sausage & bratwurst, and we enjoyed side orders of potato salad and baked beans. Great job!
Dale Janes reported that the heated pressure washers were too expensive to justify. He will focus on getting prices on pressure washers under $500. Dale will report back to the board in July.
Tom reported that the three gas cans are in, that the weed killer is down and working, the mowing is going well, and everything is getting done around the field.
Tom also urged pilots to get out and fly their aircraft. There are many events and safety seminars around the area that will assist pilots in staying current on aviation.
The field was visited recently by the FAA. Although most everything associated with the airport was fine, they did have some suggestions. The FAA will follow up with Tom sometime in the future.
Chris Kinberger was thanked for donating a new Dell printer to the club.
President Tapay is exploring the possibility of a future group visit to the Bowman Control Tower by Bluelick Club members.
Members are encouraged to complete a petition online against user fees and avgas tax increases.
May 07
The fuel alcohol testers are in and are available for use by the membership.
The Board heard several motions from the floor: the approval of three 5 gallon diesel fuel containers; approval for Dale Janes to check prices & features for a heated pressure washer; and approval to check prices for the purchase of a new printer to be used with the office computer.
Tom thanked and praised the members who have been doing a great job on chores and for the members following the rules.
In the future Tom will not be preparing meals at the meetings. He has decided to limit his leadership role in the club, but will still be a participant. Tom advised the membership that the facilities will be available for meeting or as needed. Members will need to set up and put away chairs and clean up as needed. The grill will be available, but propane will need to be purchased with club funds, as well as any desired condiments and eating utensils.
Tom was unanimously thanked by the members for his hard work, funding and general support provided as well as his dedication to the club over the years.
As usual Bruce Edsten did a marvelous job presenting a joint FAA/AOPA feature named "Storms and ATC." The interactive DVD covered aviation weather, decision making, communications and real life scenarios that dealt with the general aviation pilot actions in changing and severe weather.
Pat Adams has volunteered to prepare the meal for the June meeting. We all need to do our part in sharing the responsibility for cooking.
April 07
Tom announced that due to the prohibitive cost of aviation insurance for now and the foreseeable future, he will discontinue the practice of renting any aircraft. Local flight instructors are still exploring avenues to obtain insurance at a reasonable price.
In a related matter, due to special circumstances the membership voted to partially refund the dues ($36) of a new member. Since the member joined the club to obtain a pilot's license and rental aircraft are now not available, the member asked for a prorated refund. Although the club does not normally refund dues, the membership decided it was in everyone's best interest to allow this for one time only.
The alcohol test kit for automobile gasoline is on order.
CSX Railroad rejected our request for gravel.
March 07
The membership approved $100 for the purchase of a new hose for the preheater. Also approved was the purchase of two windsocks and a fuel testing kit.
President Tapay reported on the purchase and testing of a new 3-hole punch, stapler and roll of tape. All components met his rigorous specifications.
Tom reported that the Piper is still in need of some repair. Insurance on the rental aircraft is in force until 03/14/07. Tom has not received a quote back from his insurance carrier for insurance beyond March 14. Tom is pleased that all the chores are getting done. Tom submitted a letter to the CSX Railway for gravel to line the center of the runway. He has not heard back from them yet on his proposal. If we receive the gravel, the field may be closed for up to a month.
The meal at this meeting was a special barbeque recipe prepared by Tom Jean. A delicious chocolate cake was provided by Angela Spitzer for dessert.
This month we were pleased to welcome back Bluelick member Bruce Edsten from the FAA as speaker. Bruce presented the facts on requirements for the use of automotive gasoline in aircraft. Bruce highlighted how the use of fuel additives, particularly alcohol based products, affects an aircraft's STC. Bruce has agreed to join us again in May with another informative program.
February 07
Tom announced that the Piper 140 is ready to take to the air and that insurance has been procured for the aircraft.
Also, the Champ is insured through March 2007 and available to fly (for any qualified instructor).
The only motion presented at the meeting was for the purchase of a three hole punch. It passed.
There was a suggestion to invite FAA Safety Program Manager Bruce Edsten from Louisville Flight Safety District Office (FSDO) to speak at one of the upcoming Bluelickaero meetings.
January 07
As soon as insurance is acquired, the Piper 140 (radios installed) is ready for a test flight. Then we need to get back to work on completing the Ercoupe.
Tom clarified that the purpose of completing a Bluelick Flight Plan form was as a courtesy to let him and others know the whereabouts of an aircraft if someone was looking for it.
Tom has been happy with the chores being done around the field. Thanks to everyone for pitching in.
President Tapay announced that Jim Greer received his FAA Flight Instructor Certificate.
Tom asked the members to think about ideas for using the club funds for a useful purpose. Suggestions will be accepted at the next meeting.
The first meeting meal of the year (Barbeque sandwiches, potato salad, and macaroni salad) was prepared by Angela Spitzer. Cupcakes provided by Chris Kinberger's wife, Cheryl.
December 06
Tom thanked the members that worked on erecting the new perimeter fencing. He was very pleased with the quality of the installation. He noted that there are still some old posts that need to be removed.
Complements also to Frank and Steve for the good job on washing the mower.
A reminder to pilots to check for water in their fuel prior to take-off!
Congratulations to Stan Greer. Stan completed his first solo last week.
Joseph asked that everyone should fill out a "Bluelick Flight Plan" form for Tom's info.
Bluelick has a new member. Welcome to David Harrod.
Work continues on the Piper 140. Tom is still waiting for the radios to arrive.
Charlie mentioned that his "Flybaby" is still growing.
Jerry noted that there is still work to be done on his homebuilt. 
November 06
Their was a good turnout for the November meeting. After the reading of the October Minutes by Secretary Bob Maynard and Treasurer Don Wiedner's report, President Joseph Tapay Opened the floor.
The membership applauded Bob Maynard and Tom Jean for their work this summer in keeping the grass cut. Bob stated that he does have a live away from the airport and he is looking for some help next year.
For the 2007 Bluelick Flying Club Board Elections a motion By Charlie Ennis was made and seconded to retain all the members of the 2006 Board. Congratulations to President Joseph Tapay, Vice President George Baumler, Treasurer Don Wiedner, Secretary Bob Maynard. Tom Jean will also continue as Membership Chairperson.
Tom needs at least 3 or 4 members on Saturday, November 11, at 9 AM, to help finish the fencing project. It is also time to pressure wash the mower in preparation for winter.
The work on the piper is progressing. The ordered parts are in and paid for. The engine was attached to the airframe and the left wing leading edge is being assembled. If the aircraft is to be used as an IFR trainer a new radio package will need to be installed as well as other required equipment.
The membership welcomed Herbert Babcock back to the fold. Herbert rejoins us after moving back to Louisville from Florida.
October 06
On this beautiful Sunday afternoon over 30 individuals gathered for the Annual Family Day event at the Bluelick Airfield. Tom fried chicken and fish and everyone enjoyed the various side dishes, salads and desserts brought by the picnic attendees.
Before the meeting Neal Spitzer and wife Angela handed out the new Bluelick Flying Club shirts that members previously ordered. Shirts are still available, contact Neal for details.
At the start of the meeting President Joseph Tapay recognized our latest Private Pilot, Steve Driver. Congratulations, Steve!
Tom mentioned that with cold coming there was some road/ditch work that needed to be done as well as winterizing the mower. The repair to the Piper was behind schedule, but still progressing. Aircraft 7101A is temporarily out of service due to an oil leak. The next big celebration will be a birthday party for Cubby & Lucy.
September 06
The next club meeting/Annual Family Picnic will be on Sunday, October 1 at 2 PM. The club will provide hamburgers, bratwurst, fish and potato salad. All participating members are requested to bring a side dish.
Neal Spitzer is taking orders for the new Bluelick Flying Club shirts. The shirts are a polo type with collar and breast pocket. The shirts are $15 and should be available by the next meeting.
Tom reported that the Piper is on line to fly.
Members are reminded to check their membership information on line to make sure it is accurate and up to date. If your information is missing or incorrect contact the Bluelickaero webmaster at
Wingrove T. Jarvis was initiated as the latest member of the club. Other recent new members include: Chris Hazelwood, Scott Benningfield, Herbert Babcock, Pat Stallings and Justin Wilson. Welcome aboard!
August 06
After the previous minutes were read and Treasurer's report given, President Tapay introduced Chris Faith. Chris recently joined the club and is our newest private pilot. Congratulations!!
Neal Spitzer was polling the membership for interest in purchasing polo type shirts with a pocket and displaying the Flying Club logo.
Tom reported the new Unicom radio is functioning very well. I thought I overheard someone stating he was getting excellent reception from a small airport in Siberia...or was it Singapore?
Due to rising fuel costs, the rental on aircraft will be $85, effective immediately.
Tom recently came in possession of two aircraft. A Piper that he plans to rebuild and a Cessna 150 that will be sold.
Web site Editor Chris Kinberger sent around a sheet for members to update their name, address, phone and email information. While emailing members of the upcoming meeting, many emails were returned as being unreachable or nonexistent. Members should make every attempt to keep their information up to date.
After the meeting members and guests enjoyed gourmet Italian spaghetti & meatballs prepared by Mike Glore. Angela Spitzer baked some mighty tasty Brownies for dessert.
Fellow Members,
After studying for nearly three months the 481 Sport Pilot questions, I successfully passed the Sport Pilot written with an 83. I also was successful in acquiring my very own N-number for my Powered Parachute. I have located a DPE and DAR in northern Indiana and will soon be taking care of those two requirements. I hope to be certified by the end of September making me one of the first Powered Parachute Sport Pilots in the State of Kentucky. I want to thank Tom for allowing me to practice touch n go's at the airport. This is very valuable ongoing training and I am very appreciative. I promise to donate a real nice door prize the next meeting I attend. I have been busy selling my airplane T-shirts at the local aviation events these past two months but am taking a break for awhile. I will be at the Mt. Sterling Fly-In on Aug. 20. I hear they put on a pretty good air show there.
Safe skies everyone,
Robert C. Wilmoth 
July 06
A new VAL 760 Unicom Base Station was ordered for use on the field to enhance communications and increase safety.
After some deliberation the club decided to hold off on purchases of any new electronic/computer equipment. In the near future there may be significant expenditures required on the tractor. It will be needing new valves and belts.
Pilots are advised to be vigilant when near or to just remain clear of McNeely Lake area. The lake and park are several miles Northeast of Bluelick International. There is frequent activity of radio controlled aircraft in that area. Stay alert!
Other News
Pilots should check their pitot tubes carefully before each flight. There was a recent occasion where one aircraft's airspeed indicator was rendered inoperative because one small creature decided to make the inside of the pitot tube its home. Using a pitot cover is probably the best method to prevent this type of problem. Safety is no accident!
June 06
As usual President Joseph Tapay ran the meeting very professionally utilizing his unique flare and style. There was only one door prize this month. There were also many comments on the door prize. None of which can be repeated in this publication.
Tom emphasized again that aircraft located at Bluelick should be flown frequently. Aircraft should be run and used. Otherwise, Tom stated he is happy with the current operations at Bluelick International.
A motion was passed to purchase on an affordable and portable aircraft radio to be used by Tom for the field Unicom. A committee consisting of our top Bluelick radio/electronic experts are investigating all aspects of the purchase and conducting feasibility studies. Conclusions should be forthcoming by the July meeting.
Tom asked Newsletter/Web Editor Chirs Kinberger to send out email notices prior to each upcoming meeting. All members should notify Chris of any email address changes, this can be done from our website at the Membership Page.  
No decision was made on a May meeting proposal to purchase a laptop of projector for use by the Club.
Several new members were inducted into the Flying Club. Welcome: Doug Clark, Josh Frye and Angela Spitzer.
May 06
President Joseph Tapay started off the meeting by introducing quests and new members.
Tom reminded members with aircraft located at Bluelick that they should be flying their aircraft frequently. Aircraft should be run and used. Unused aircraft should be relocated to another location or sold.
The club has several thousand dollars in the bank. Last year the club used funds to purchase a mower and seed the runway. At the next meeting the club will accept suggestions for using a portion of that money to benefit the club.
If there is a malfunction of any club aircraft Tom asked that he be immediately notified. An aircraft experiencing any malfunction should never be left for the next unwitting individual to fly. Safety is paramount.
April 06
Tom mentioned that it is time to purchase weed-killer for the airport. Also, effective Saturday, 04-01-06, the big mower is ready to work.
No one seems to be "renting" or training in the Champ, therefore, insurance will only be carried for another 6 months unless it is used. All other planes in the club are being used and are paying their way.
New member, Jim Arnold was voted in and will be receiving his training with Neal Spitzer.
March 06
Again this meeting we were pleased to have back Mr. Bruce Edsten, Aviation Safety Program Manager. The topic of his presentation was "General Aviation Pilot Decision Making." His video presented 4 scenarios where pilots followed a chain of poor decisions concerning their flights. While each scenario had no outcome on the video, pilots at the meeting discussed what may have been the end result as shown and what the pilot should have done to break the chain and prevented the incident. Bruce stressed the importance of the Wings Program including the fact that it may help reduce your insurance rate. Bruce also invited all to check the FAA's vast array of safety related DVD's and VHS video collection.
Tom explained to members not familiar with the Bluelick Airport that the field began operation over 40 years ago by Mr. Glanz. The hangar was donated and moved from downtown and reassembled at Bluelick. Today the field is home to 15 aircraft and offers rides, flight instruction, and fellowship to pilots and aviation enthusiasts. The conservative ideals of the group, especially in the area of safety, are key to keeping operations as safe as possible.
Tom also mentioned the checks for dues should be made out to him, while payments for aircraft rental made out to Bluelick Aero.
Treasurer Don Wiedner asked that if you leave money in the cash drawer, please fill out a receipt slip (kept in the drawer).
February 06
Tom stated that the runway is staying muddy for several days after each rain. If at all possible stay off the portion of the runway that is being seeded, but be very careful. Greater vigilance is required when executing takeoffs, landings and while taxiing.
Treasurer Don Weidner reported a balance of $2,573.00.
At this meeting we were pleased to have Bruce Edsten, Aviation Safety Program Manager, with us again. Bruce noted that Sport Pilot and Light Sport Aircraft represent the first major change in the aviation scene since the 'Fifties! Dozens of completely new aircraft are already here, with more on the way. Much shorter time requirements and far less stringent medical limitations are part of the picture, too. Lots of changes looming on the horizon. We thank him for a professional and informative presentation.
Tom reminds Bluelick members to complete the Annual Membership Form. The Club insurance carrier requires that Tom has that information up-to-date and on file. The form is available on-line. Complete the form and bring it to the next meeting on March 5.
Other Information
Have you noticed that shiny aircraft in the hangar? It's a 1946 Ercoupe 415-C. It came with all original equipment. Tom plans some major improvements. As the aircraft is dismantled, the parts are being refurbished. The aluminum skin will be buffed to perfection, the low time engine brought up to specifications, all new Plexiglas, and a state-of-the-art GPS/Com installed. (Click here for photos)
January 06
Joseph wants to remind all members to complete the Annual Membership Form. Especially important is the flying status portion of the form. You can download the form online. It is PDF format.
Your 2006 dues of $48 are now due.
Tom said that all funds collected for lunches is used only for Club purposes. If members bring guests for lunch, that members is responsible for seeing that the guests lunch get paid.
The recent runway improvement project is getting better, but still soft.
For anyone with gas on the property, it is suggested you acquire a locking system.
December 05
The URL is up for a renewal of $50. The URL now points to the new site hosted by
"Cubby" is now three years old. The J-3 Cub will be covered and hangared until Spring.
The mower is stored and maintenance completed for Winter. Come Spring the blades will need to be sharpened.
Runway repairs are improving. Some padding is available for use when fueling aircraft.
November 05
This month we were delighted to view a safety presentation by Bruce Edsten with the FAA. His video dealt with the weather and contained valuable information to increase safety and reduce weather related accidents. The presentation was very timely. With winter approaching we all need to be especially aware of the weather and the ramifications of poor flight planning.
Tom is looking for volunteers to pressure wash the tractor. Weather permitting, the job should be accomplished within the next few Saturdays.
October 05
It was another hot summer day for our October Family day meeting. This once a year special event was moved from the ďheatĒ of summer to the 1st Sunday of October to escape the heat. Itís obviously not nice to try and fool mother nature. In spite of the warm weather it was a good day, and the turnout was great. We had a short business meeting and then the fun and good eats began. Ken Mooney manned the grill and the sights and sounds of the hamburgers and brats contributed to the short meeting.
Jack Chanda recognized Dominic Latkovski for his Solo accomplishment on Sept 23. Itís an event that every pilot experienced and still remembers.
Joseph Tapay recognized Larry Taylor for his latest accomplishment. Larry is now our newest flight instructor, and he is available for instructional services. Larry thanked several club members for their assistance and support. Congratulations, Dominic and Larry!
Tom mentioned the roughness in the runway. Attempts to smooth the rough spots have not proven too successful, but Jim Walser will attempt to minimize the problem with a pulverizer. Letís all cross our fingers and hope this works. Thanks in advance, Jim, for your efforts. Tom also mentioned the new rental rates due to the higher cost of fuel. Tomís planes will now rent for $75/hour wet, and plane rides will now sell for $20 each.
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